(WWWW, GOLD, KFT) CRWENewswire Stocks In Action

(WWWW, GOLD, KFT) CRWENewswire Stocks In Action
Good Thursday Morning, Its August 4th, 2011, I’m Sara Bryant with CRWENewswire Stocks In Action. for the second quarter ended June 30, 2011, Web.com Group Incorporated - symbol WWWW - posted Total GAAP revenue of $42.2 million, a 70% increadse year over year. RANDGOLD RESOURCES LIMITED - symbol GOLD - for the second quarter 2011 reported Profits up 180% quarter on quarter and 253% year over year. Kraft Foods Incorporated - symbol KFT - is splitting in two, putting its global snacks and North American grocery businesses in separate baskets. After its acquisition of Cadbury PLC last year, KFT became the second largest global food company. Thanks for joining me and have a great one! For CRWE Newswire, Stocks In Action, I’m Sara Bryant
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