5 Workplace Etiquette Tips - Corporate and Boardroom Meeting Etiquette

Learn more at: http://www.corporateclassinc.com/lunch-and-learn-workplaceetiquette.php Learn the rules of workplace etiquette in 60-90 minutes! Workplace or Corporate etiquette is defined as the professional conduct that sustains existing corporate culture. In this session, participants cover a range of office environment and boardroom situations to enhance executive presence including: responsibilities of both attending and chairing meetings; creating a positive impression visiting or receiving clients; building and maintaining a good reputation; the unspoken rules of work. You will learn: workplace etiquette, corporate etiquette, boardroom savvy, executive presence, organization values, mission statement, company vision, etiquette in the workplace, business etiquette workplace, professional conduct. Toll Free:1-877-780-1221 http://www.corporateclassinc.com/index.php

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