Wall Street Equities Co. LTD (WEQ - WEQ.F), Private Wealth Management

Wall Street Equities Co. LTD (WEQ - WEQ.F), Private Wealth Management
I’m Christina Collins with CRWE Newswire - Today I would like to speak to you about Wall Street Equities Company Limited trading under the symbol WEQ.F -WEQ on the Deutsche Borse Stock exchange-Wall Street Equities Company Limited is an offshore holding company which operates much like an international hedge fund. The company specializes in acquiring companies and taking them public and in the interim pays dividends to its customers on each acquisition--HOT TOPICS from the company include- Their focus, which is primarily on real estate and revenue-based acquisitions which they in turn purchase at a deep discount-- The Company has a large following of broker networks, specializing in Debt instruments, and several connections to bank owned properties, which they feel are going to be key factors in generating the profits and revenues which in turn may increase the value of the company tremendously--The company also looks to make investments with established companies, each with over 90 day trading periods which Wall Street Equities projects to make approximately a 25-75% return based on its investment in a short time period. They also receive many investment opportunities in the leveraged buyout arena, with a combination of stock as currency or a stock swap with the entire issued and outstanding shares of the company they are acquiring, and a convertible debenture, or some sort of class A preferred share stock agreement with the company-- Keep in mind, they are looking at companies that have a proven track record of five years or five million dollars a year revenue-- Primarily they buy these companies at a 50 to 75% discount to book value--These are companies that are being spun off from other major conglomerates that no longer want this business in their portfolio or on their balance sheet--Wall Street Equities has a broker network in place, in addition to Mark Sutter being CEO and President with 25+ years in the Broker-Dealer and Investment Banking business-- Mark Sutter has a vast broker dealer network of established traders and brokers worldwide in the merger and acquisitions' business, which makes him a substantial asset for the company's overall success--For more information about Wall Street Equities Company Limited visit wallstreetequities.net. I’m Christina Collins with CRWE Newswire



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