UNLIKELY - William & Buffy - A story of 2 human hearts

Alternate Universe here : this is a William (Spike) & Buffy all human story. I guess I read too many all human spuffy fanfics ! lol I hope the storyline is clear enough in the video. If not ... My bad ! Let me know and i'll add the storyline here. ;) Music used : Prelude to a kiss by Alicia Keys (Intro only) 22 by Lily Allen Material used : Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Air I breathe The Return PS I Love You Suburban Girl Cool Money Folle d'elle Veronika decides to Die Smallville Possession Software Used : Pinnacle Studio 14 Collection Diverted for fun. No profit. More about this vid here : http://poucettelandvideo.blogspot.com/2010/08/unlikely-william-buffy-story-of-2-human.html

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