Tormod Martinsen - Windsurf Hookipa By Happysurfer

Tormod Martinsen - Windsurf Hookipa By Happysurfer
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This film is made by a Norwegian windsurfer, Tormod Martinsen, who wanted to make a movie in vision of how he would like a windsurf movie to be or could be. One of the goals is to show the purity of how wave riding could be in the harmony with the water and nature. Our earth is communicating with us trough the waves and a surfer, windsurfer or kiter have the special change to be out there inside earth's language by the waves themselves. The film is maybe a bit to long in the standards of how long a film like this should be, but to meet the goal to show hole waveride sequences, and how to get out again it ended out this long.
Respect the nature, learn how to use it, learn to listen to it, be a part of it, and the nature will give you much more back.
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