The Universe. 1- Secrets Of The Sun 2/5

3 juillet 2010 The Universe (2007) Episode 01: Secrets Of The Sun (1/5) From Sun Spots To Solar Eclipses, Solar Flares To Solar Storms, The Birth Of The Sun To Its Potential Death, Discover The Science And History Behind This Celestial Object That Makes Life On Earth Exist. A Documentary Of History Channel, Host Erik Thompson. The Universe (2007) Episode 01: Secrets Of The Sun - 720p Episode 02: Mars: The Red Planet - 720p Episode 03: The End Of The Earth - 720p Episode 04: Jupiter: The Giant Planet - 720p Episode 05: The Moon - 720p Episode 06: Spaceship Earth - 720p Episode 07: The Inner Planets: Mercury & Venus - 720p Episode 08: Saturn: Lord of the Rings - 720p Episode 09: Alien Galaxies - 720p Episode 10: Life And Death Of A Star - 720p Episode 11: The Outer Planets - 720p Episode 12: The Most Dangerous Place In The Universe - 720p Episode 13: Search For ET - 720p Episode 14: Beyond The Big Bang - 720p

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