The Notorious Big - Grab My Gun ( rare )

The Notorious  Big - Grab My Gun ( rare )
The Notorious Big - Grab My Gun ( paroles en dessous )
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sharkboss  — Il y a 6 ans

I'm sticking icepicks on the tip of your dick
give your testicles a swift kick
ain't that some shit
am I hard-hardcore
harder than the planet
it ain't no miss it's a nigger with a spliff
and a chrome-fu fist pressed on yo back
so what you want nigga how you wanna act
I hope civilized cause I love to see niggas die
brains all leaking out on the street
and the pastor preaching: he was a good man
played the bad man when the burner was in his hand
now he's singing sad songs with Elvis
three to the head 'bout six cross the pelvis
you fuck with the high die you die
you're the same motherfucker
if you look up in the sky
I want some old nex shit
suplex shit hardcore section

a repetitive loop all I need to display
solo is the proof I put it to you boy
hope you got the scoop
biggie smalls the rap genius
I keep the glock by the penis
the cleanest cut fuck sluts
with the big humongous butts
I used to rub a butt
my style is Gucci like the hookers pussy
and it don't take a lot of black puff
to put me into flamin em
like that little nigga Damien
glock 19 to my mothafucking cranium
gang-thight gun toting motherfucker
niggas in they brains thought biggie was a sucker
I tricked em I gave me work then I snitched em
I stripped em cause niggas dont want the friction
told you before how I bring gun drama
playing Larry Johnson and his grand mama

fuck around and feel the fury of a high nigga
when I get busy throw you hands in the sky nigga
I got the illest of the ill mentality niggas be grabbing me
knowing that they rather be stabbing me all up in my back
tryna take my track
when i used to sell crack I aint had problems like that
street rules watch your pockets and your jewels
a nigga front throw a gat to the fool
next one to move is getting blasted
streets to a flows from the ill gettho bastard
as I release master peace it’s like indecent
stuck to your ass like tissue when you're wiping fast
mc's have a hard time believing
I'm marked with death hard to kill like steven
with jacob I'm leaving
The black man's motto: you got a better chance playing lotto