The Last Rose Of Summer

The Last Rose Of Summer

'Tis the last rose of summer left blooming alone
All her lovely companions are faded and gone
No flower of her kindred, no rosebud is nigh
To reflect back her blushes and give sigh for sigh

I'll not leave thee, thou lone one, to pine on the stem
Since the lovely are sleeping, go sleep thou with them
Thus kindly I scatter thy leaves o'er the bed
Where thy mates of the garden lie scentless and dead

So soon may I follow when friendships decay
And from love's shining circle the gems drop away
When true hearts lie withered and fond ones are flown
Oh who would inhabit this bleak world alone?
This bleak world alone
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woman, celtic
3 commentaires
LagonBleu  — Il y a 6 ans

Hello Rosa-Li, is an accomplished artist .and the duet is wonderful...Kisses ......o:))

Rosa-Li  — Il y a 6 ans

Ahhh very very nice dear LagonBleu, she is a good performer and the passion shows doesn't it? Thank you for sharing.

LagonBleu  — Il y a 6 ans

Brillante prestation à deux voix pures comme du cristal ....magnifique..