Music Video directed, shot and edited by Raphael Carlier, Produced by Washi Washa and The Electronic Conspiracy. Sound design & mix : JC Boutin & Vincent Girault Executive Producer: Fatbros Productions -- D.O.P.: Pierre Beaudais; First D.O.P. assistant: Stephan Pottiez; Second D.O.P. assistant: Celine Geroult; Key grip: David Coscas; Make up artist: Pauline Gosse camo; Katsuni's Assistant : Erika Fleury; Color grading: David Goudier; Sound design: JC Boutin, Vincent Girault; Actors: Katsuni, JC Boutin, Vincent Girault, Pauline Gosse Camo, Aurélie Mestres. Thanks to Secret Square & Mr Marchand ##### JOIN TEC COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK ##### BIOGRAPHY: The Electronic Conspiracy is a dirty electro-rock duo from Paris, France. Adapting the energy of rock and punk into electronic music, TEC brings us a unique blend of screaming synths and rhythmic rage with live acoustic drums. Their music is a contribution to a new electro-rockers' generation. The duo's members, Vincent Girault (drums / beat / programming) and JC Boutin (vocals / keyboards), have collaborated in rock and hardcore bands for several years. TEC is based on the concept of injecting raw human energy into electronic music: No midi quantification, just live! The Electronic Conspiracy's big beats & distorted bass lines combine to create hot and dangerous dance floor music that is guaranteed to get you down and dirty ! Album "NUITS BLANCHES" available: CONTACT US : BOOK US :
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jeanmarcikly  — Il y a 2 ans

Est-elle si souple Katsumi

jeanmarcikly  — Il y a 2 ans

Est-ce Katsumi réellement dans ce clip?

À ne pas manquer