3 Testosterone Killing Habits You Need To Avoid!

3 Testosterone Killing Habits You Need To Avoid!
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3 Testosterone Killing Habits You Need To Avoid!

Testosterone Killing Habit #1: Excess Chemical Exposure

Chemicals in your environment can act as POTENT estrogen mimic's, leading to excess estrogen in your blood stream, and lowered levels of testosterone.

To avoid this

onslaught, make the switch to pesticide free organic produce, and natural personal care items, that do NOT contain harsh chemicals.

Also, take steps to reduce your

exposure to perfumes, dyes, paints, solvents, exhaust fumes, and any other item that emits a strong chemical smell.

It's virtually impossible to avoid all chemicals at

all times, but you can reduce your exposure enough to allow testosterone to work it's magic in your system.

Testosterone Killing Habit #2: Excess Alcohol Consumption:

Research has proven that excessive alcohol consumption takes out your testosterone with a brutal one two punch.

Blow number one goes after the testosterone already in

your system, by breaking it down and removing it from your blood stream.

This occurs because of an agent called testosterone reductase, an enzyme which increases

dramatically after an alcohol binge.

This enzyme works in harmony with your liver, and it's primary job is to break down testosterone, and eliminate it from your body.

So when you experience hangover symptoms, or suffer from alcohol depression, you can count on the fact that testosterone reductase is flying high in your system.


high levels of reductase mean one thing, and one thing only...your testosterone levels are going down fast!

Testosterone Killing Habit #3 Excess Consumption Of

Testosterone Killing Foods

Just about every man knows about the feminizing properties of soy, but soy isn't the only testosterone killing food out there.

The list of

foods is much too large to cover in this brief video…


You can see this list, AND learn 3 potent testosterone boosting tricks, simply by following the link in the

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