Ted the Terrible - July 28, 2011

Ted the Terrible - July 28, 2011
Ted the Terrible - July 28, 2011

Anthony J Hilder & Deborah Tavares, chat about Ted Turner.

Ted Turner, Prince Philip, Jaques Cousteau, Thomas Malthus want to reduce the population of the planet in their time because we are using too much "stuff" as Ted Turner puts it. Look at the Georgia Guidestones commandment for us written in stone. Saving The Earth is far more important than saving the lives of the Useless Eaters living on it. If there were less people on the Earth there would be more resources for the rest of us .... who are more important. Read between the lines here. Some people believe this and would carry out the Final "Solution" to the Population Problem, Pollution Problem, and Scarce Resources Problem. When there are a lot less people....there are more resources to go around and less pollution! This is their thinking.






Name: Anthony J Hilder




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