Syria: News for Wednesday August 22, 2012

Syria: News for Wednesday August 22, 2012 Original stream: mms:// --------------------------------------------------------- From Voltaire Network Syrian terrorist reveals torture and murder of kidnapped women Voltaire Network | 22 August 2012 A Syrian 22 years confessed on national television to working with armed terrorist groups in Douma, a town in the province of Damascus, and being an accomplice to the abduction, torture during interrogation and murder of women. Continue reading: Yara Saleh, hostage of the Free Syrian Army by Thierry Meyssan Journalist of the privately-owned Al Ekhbariya TV channel, Yara Saleh was taken prisoner with her team by the Free Syrian Army. She was spared and held hostage while a large mobilization in Europe put pressure on the French President to order his FSA friends to release her. Rescued in the end by the Syrian national army, she agreed to respond to the questions of Voltaire Network. Continue reading: --------------------------------------------------------------- Source: Name: SyriaTube - News Website: Country: Syria --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- Other resources: Name: Voltaire Network TV (Thierry Meyssan) Websites: Location: Damascus Country:Syria ---------------------------------------------------------------

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