Structured Products

Want further information? Us contact us form at Oyster Bay Management Ltd is a distributor of Structured Notes, you can select based on income needs or growth potential. We combine low fees with exceptional client service and each week we add new offshore structured notes to this exciting online range Available globally to expats and to financial brokerages alike. Our range of structured notes uses leading banks and institutions offering a variety of structures. We specialise in offering notes that have higher chance of calling early and use vanilla style index trackers with European barrier: Capital Protected Notes Growth Structured Notes Quarterly Income Notes Income Autocallable Semi Annual Autocallable Annual Autocallabe Autocallable Phoenix Notes Phoenix Autocallable Notes Offshore Structured Notes Safe Haven Indices Notes Global Index Phoenix Notes BRIC Defensive Phoenix Notes Blue Chip Select Phoenix Notes FTSE 100 Protected Notes Fixed Income Notes Gilliat Notes Each offering has a full fact sheet- let our consultants at Oyster Bay Management Ltd help you decide, you can then place via the onine platform or via offshore bonds or via QROPS schemes.

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