SRA International (SRX) $12B Multi-Award Contract from Department of Veterans Affairs

Hello stock watchers. I am your host shali jay at CRWE Newswire Stock Highlight. SRA International Incorporated - symbol SRX - announced it has been awarded the Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology program from the Department of Veteran Affairs. The contract has a five-year base period, with a ceiling of twelve billion dollars. SRA will provide a total IT solution, encompassing software, products and IT-related services, supporting the Department of Veterans Affairs’ and helping them to address their mission requirements. SRA and its subsidiaries are dedicated to solving complex problems of global significance for government organizations serving the national security, civil government, intelligence, health and space markets. For more information about SRA International Incorporated - symbol SRX visit Thank you for tuning in, I am Shali Jay, have a great day and see you soon, right here on CRWE Newswire.