Russia-Syria - August 20, 2012

Russia-Syria -  August 20, 2012
Russia-Syria - August 20, 2012

Meeting showing concerns for Syria and the Christian minorities and more.


Dmitry Pakhomov, Head of the international fund Christian Solidity


Syria is a sacred land for Christians and Muslims, a sacred land of prophets and apostles.

Civilizations have appeared and disappeared here for centuries.

But they don't disappear replacing each other, they fit into each other.

The Arab Republic of Syria appeared in 1963 in its modern state.

But it is the country where ancient traditions of Christianity and Islam gathered.

The Syrians believe that the history of humanity began here.

One is told that there is a cave near Damascus where Cain killed Abel.

Ancestor James came there from Hanaan to marry Rachel in Old Testament times.

It is written in the Bible.

Apostle Paul was baptized in Damascus, in Ananias's house.

A church was built on this spot.

Christians were called "Christians" for the first time in ancient Antioch.

The Christian community founded by Apostles Peter and Paul still exists; today it is headed by Antioch Patriarch Ignatius.

The founder of the youngest world religion, Islam, Prophet Muhammad passing Damascus didn't enter the city and said that is was so beautiful that looked like paradise, and you can enter paradise only once.

The past and the presence of Syria live in souls of Syrian citizens, in souls of Syrian Arabs.

Christian and Muslim communities have been living peacefully for centuries, and only external interventions of conquerors, like crusades, disturbed the balance.

In the 20th century Christians and Muslims of Syria constructed the great state together leading it toward stability and prosperity.

But today somebody has decided to sow discord within them.

We all know who tries to do it - the states who want to be the world hegemons.

These people don't appreciate great cultural heritages, they don't appreciate the world history, they rewrite it.

The fund Christian International Solidity plans to organize an international exhibition with demonstration of photo and video materials on destruction of Christian shrines by representatives of radical Muslim groups from a European country.

We want to draw attention of the international society to the problem of preservation of cultural heritage of ancient Christian churches.


Naovah Ibrahim, member of the Central Council of the Syrian Students National Union, president of the Union in Russia and the CIS.

Powerful information is conducted against Syria.

Christian and Muslim cultural heritage facilities are being destroyed in Syria.

The ancient civilization of 7 thousand-year old is being destroyed in Syria.

In various cities - in Damascus, Saidnaya, Aleppo, Homs - destruction of Christian shrines, Muslim shrines took place.

Is this beautiful country destroyed in favor of democracy?

The ancient country in the sphere of religion, science, and sightseeing attractions.

It should be stopped.


Konstantin Goloskokov, commissioner of the youth movement "Nashi"


Many historic monuments, architectural monuments are situated at the zone of battling.

Considering this fact, it was decided to send a delegation of observers in September to Syria for monitoring on the situation around cultural heritage facilities, i.e. we will see in what conditions cathedrals, mosques and so on are at the moment, and we will report on it through various internet resources and media opportunities which we have.

From Syrian TV.

Haled Abuda, responsible secretary of the Syria parliament.


The Syrian population is attacked by the US and their Western allies.

It is an attack not only on the Syrian authorities; it is an aggression against the Syrian peoples which fights for their rights.

Sacred places are suffering attacks and destruction, including churches, mosques, and so on.

They become victims of this aggression, as well as people.

The aggression is against us, against Syrian people.

In our country, Syria, Muslims and Christians have always lived together in peace, together, and have never fought against each other.

It was an indispensable feature of our Syrian society.

Terrorism in Syria is not a fruit and not a result of some internal processes.

This element was imposed on our country artificially by foreign forces.


Speaker: Antioch and the all-East Patriarch Ignatius IV

Syria witnessed the very first steps of Christianity.

That is why ancient Christian traditions are closely connected with the history of Syria.

We are representatives of various confessions, religions are united by similar feelings.

We take one position.

We stand for peace, for settlement of the problems which our country faces as soon as possible.

It is very important for us that Syria stays a consolidated country, preserves its identity, its image despite all efforts to destroy and divide it.


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