Ronaldinho top 7 best moves

Ronaldinho top 7 best moves
Ronaldinho is said to be back in Europe in December. Here's a remix of one of the most incredible football artists ever seen both on pitch and on ads.
You think you know who Ronaldinho is ?
All his biographies in one video
Multi-faceted star
Konica Minolta - Japan - 2005.
Nike - The Netherlands - 2001. A commercial featuring Francesco Totti.
Pepsi. A commercial featuring Roberto Carlos.
Nike - USA - 2004. A commercial featuring Falcao & Robinho.
Nike - Hong Kong - 2006. A commercial featuring Junichi Inamoto. Music track: "This is who I am" by Pharrell Williams
Nike - United Kingdom - 2007.
Nike - USA - 2005. Music track: "Nem Vem Que Nao Tem" by Wilson Simonai.

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