Part 2 - Who Owns and Controls Facebook Corporation? George Hunt - March 4, 2011

Part 2 - Who Owns and Controls Facebook Corporation? George Hunt - March 4, 2011
Part 2 - Who Owns and Controls Facebook Corporation? George Hunt - March 4, 2011

Hello, my name is George Hunt. This is Part II of a two-part expose of Facebook Corporation. In Part I, I showed Mark Zuckerberg's cloudy past as an ethical citizen. I gave my opinion of his lack of ethics, honesty and respect for others. I also introduced the probability that Facebook Corporation's intentions are to establish themselves as the Big Brother of communications, finance and social control. Facebook's actual control is centralized in the secret offices of Goldman Sachs of London, not Silicon Valley, USA. The Corporation is actually controlled by the Rothschild syndicate and Goldman Sachs is the venture capital collection center. The venture capitalist insiders will make a fortune when this scam called Facebook goes public in late 2011 or early 2012. Not only will the corrupt venture capitalists make a financial killing when the stock goes public, but they'll rejoice even more because they control Facebook, regardless of the public shareholders. The owners will make living a private life almost impossible for us to live on a daily basis without some Facebook control.

PayPal owner, Peter Thiel, has injected his expertise and a little money into Facebook. His three percent share is probably worth a $1 billion or so. Microsoft Corporation owns a 1.9 percent share, but watch out future Facebook shareholders--Microsoft also has a side-contract within the Facebook system where Microsoft will share profits 50-50 of Facebook's banner advertising net profits. This clever partnership can, I think will, be used to cheat the public shareholders and pour profits away from the public shareholders and into Microsoft's account.
Facebook is presently linking with huge Asian sites such as Alibaba of China and Russia's DST. Alibaba is huge in Asia. They fulfill orders directly from the manufacturer to retail businesses. This may eventually replace the wholesaler function. Facebook will fulfill orders in the western hemisphere using Alibaba's software. Once established, they'll control prices and service as they wish. Russian, Indian and Asian networks are now joining Facebook through Mark Zuckerman's road-shows in the Far East. You can put it together yourselves if you review Wikipedia's 20-page report about Facebook.
Facebook Corporation is majority-owned by the same parties who own our Federal Reserve, the filthy-rich European false-Jews under the anonymous street names of Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Bank Leumi of Tel Aviv and other street-names. I have studied these devil-families since 1971. They'll eventually be a World Thought Police. Europe's bankers are packing billions of dollars into Facebook right now to swindle the public with their stock offering.
Facebook's owners will, with no ifs, ands or buts--control our daily affairs. Google, Yahoo, large sites like these, will be absorbed into one Facebook system. With no competition from alternate sites, Facebook will become "Like a boot kicking you in the face every day" to borrow that quote from Lenin, the arch-Communist. To summarize, Facebook is not friendly. It has the nasty character of Zuckerberg and Rothschild. Facebook's dishonesty, arrogance and disregard for society will, not may-- make life in the world's future societies practically intolerable for us.
American investors are excluded by Goldman Sachs of London because the Security and Exchange Commission would require them to state the names of the individual investors. Because these criminals must hide their identity from the public eye, SEC laws would expose them. My research of who owns Facebook Corporation reveals the names and ownership as you see them on the screen. The Zuckerberg group, the Rothschild groups, Peter Thiel of PayPal and, of course, Microsoft Corporation. Other owners like the Warburg's, the Federal Reserve bankers, the bankers of China, South Korea and Paris, own a big, big hunk but their names are hidden in the vaults of Goldman Sachs of London. Various European, Far East and Middle East social and business systems, Alibaba of China, DST of Russia, a large site in India, etc., plus "unnamed Individuals who are also the share-holders of the U.S. Federal Reserve Banking system, IBM, Harvard University, the Rockefeller Family Trusts, the Queen of England may also be among these investors as well. The filthy-rich probably laugh at us for not figuring out what they are doing in front of us. Today, you know—or at least you might have a sneaking suspicion that I may be half-right.


George W. Hunt investigates a huge $45 Trillion financial cabal area exists that has gone unregulated and how Congress believes it's time to fix it.

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