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Special Thanks To aaronweber23 New Age Phooey AN OLD IDEA- A NEW WORLD ORDER With A New World Religion

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''secrets of meditation" "oneism" "wisdom" "secrets of the souls" and "Counsciousness" These are ALL the ingredients of a ONE WORLD RELIGION of the NEW WORLD ORDER

The NWO mainly consists of the church leaders. ONE WORLD RELIGION. The luciferian agenda participators are most obvious in Winfrey, Tolle, Tsarion, Icke Blavatsky etc BUT remember the foundation is "Theosophy" of which the churches are also tied to, especially in the connections to the National Association of Churches who ALL belong to the SAME society in the United Nations foundation of Theosopy, but they are VERY well hidden because they "claim" Jesus Christ. They are walking among the flock.

These are people who are tied into Zionism as well, which is an athiestic religion, but ALL "religions" stem from ONE source who is satan, and Jesus spoke out against it all. The parable of the wheat and the tare explains it very well, when Jesus told us that the one's who will devour WILL be among His flock and the mother harlot is the Roman Empire and all 38,000 denominations are the legs of the spider, and we all fall under her web of lies. GBY. Be aware, and heed the words of the Christ.

Believe in Jesus Christ. He SAID. DO NOT FOLLOW MAN, but that is EXACTLY what people are doing. Throughout history there have been men put into positions of authority to MISLEAD the flock of the Lord Jesus Christ, and people CANNOT tell. They TWIST the Bible to their liking, they have already CORRUPTED God's WORD by teaching you from CORRUPTED BIBLES like the NIV! These are NOT men who have fallen into Masonry, Illuminati, the New Age Movement, like the Zeitgeist organization or even men like Benjamin Creme who advertises for the so-called "Maitreya". These are men who walk among the flock. Men who Jesus described as "WOLVES in "SHEEP'S" clothing"! [CLOTH]. That does NOT describe the above mentioned. This describes the CHURCH LEADERS, the CLERGY, the PRIESTS, PASTORS, and MINISTRIES. Revelation was about Jesus finding favor in ONLY 2 churches and all the rest were DOOMED. The church of Philidelphia and Smyrna were good BECAUSE they taught their people about the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN as spoken of in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 but some will shrug that off, and it's because they are working FOR that organization. Jesus told us who they were, and they are like He said.. WOLVES, but they wear the SHEEP'S CLOTH, and they are here to DEVOUR. They are the TARES as spoken of in Matthew. The parable that Jesus gave was about how they CANNOT be identified so easily. Masonry, Illuminati and the New Age movers CAN be, and ARE identifiable, and THEY are who the Synagogue of Satan members ALWAYS lead us to. It is a "play". "Look over there, while we do this over here". They lead you to look at someone else. It's a scenario that has worked ALL throughout history. These people ALWAYS lead us AWAY from the TRUTH. They call themselves "Truthers" and "ministers", but they are MINISTERS OF SATAN, and they have NO truth within them because they are NOT the children of the Lord but they PRETEND to be. Those who work for the devil, as Jesus Christ SAID in Matthew 13:25 "But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way". Jesus SAID to His disciples who asked Him about the parable: In Matthew 13:38 "The field is the world; The good seed are the children of the Kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one". What does anyone suppose THAT means? People need to WAKE up. The tares are the CHILDREN of the wicked one! They are POISONOUS, they are here to CORRUPT the children of the Lord Jesus Christ! They are AMONG THE FLOCK! WAKE UP. They are the VERY ONES who we CANNOT easily recognize because they ACT like the children of the Lord, but they WILL BE BURNED and they know their time is short. When they ripen as Jesus Christ said, they WILL be recognized for those who can "see". Jesus Christ called the Pharisee SONS OF THIER fATHER! Who are the Pharisee's? Who is their father? Jesus Christ SAID that He will SEPARATE the goat from the sheep, WHO are of the goat? They one's who we THINK are of the Lord Jesus Christ, who are "leading" are the TARE, they are NOT leading anyone to Jesus, they are PRETENDING. They have NO PROBLEM speaking the name of Jesus Christ, but they are here to WREAK HAVOC while they SMILE in the face. If you are NOT being taught about the synagogue of satan as Jesus Christ TOLD US about Himself, then you need to LEARN FROM JESUS CHRIST. STOP following MAN! It was a warning from Jesus Himself. LISTEN TO HIM! Stop defending MAN and defend your Father the Lord Jesus Christ! To the members of the synagogue of satan: YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED.




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