Muslim Black slavery - Islam slave history of Black Africa

Muslim Black slavery - Islam slave history of Black Africa
When doing research on African slavery I came across this video and was surprised about the slave trade in the Middle East, especially around North Africa.

This explains the current genocide that is going on in Darfur and the Sudan. I could see the link with the past that this has been going on for 14 centuries.

This person wrote this book about slavery in Islamic states.

John Alembillah Alembillah Azumah

The book is called Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa: A Quest for Inter-Religious Dialogue.

This book reveals the dark secret of Islam and slavery of black people in Africa and the history of how Arab Muslims went to war on and captured black men, women and children and turned them into slaves.

While slavery only lasted 3 centuries in the west, it has lasted 14 centuries in the Middle East and exists today in many Muslim countries.

He explains the book in this short video and it is very interesting.

It explains that when Arab slave traders would raid black villages to the south they would kill the adults and kidnap the children.

The boy children were indoctrinated into an Islamic army for the Arabs and the girls were taken as household and sex slaves.

The reason their were not that many black descendants in the middle east is because the black male children were castrated so they could not reproduce.

There were a few black Africans who grew up and because they curried favor with their masters were allowed to also be slave traders.

A very interesting history of black African slave trade and the Muslim Arab world.

People need to know this history, BUT instead sadly people will never get enough of watching Souljah Boy dance dude, 50 cent, old Tupac Shakur Rap videos, Britany Spears and other videos and never know the truth, especially white and black converts or reverts.

This is part of the legacy of slavery that most African American people should know.

Many black converts or reverts do not know this history before they converted believing that they were originally Muslim before they were sold into slavery. They were not. People should research their history before they convert or revert.
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AbdAlKareem  — Il y a 6 ans

Bilal ibn Rabah[1] (Arabic: بلال بن رباح‎) or Bilal al-Habeshi was an Ethiopian[2] born in Mecca in the late 6th century, sometime between 578 and 582.
The Islamic prophet Muhammad chose an African slave Bilal as his muezzin, effectively making him the first muezzin of the Islamic faith.[3] He was among the slaves freed by Abu Bakr (see Muhammad and slavery) and was known for his beautiful voice with which he called people to their prayers. His name can also be known as, "Bilal ibn Riyah" or "ibn Rabah" and he is sometimes known as "Bilal al-Habashi" or "Bilal the one from Ethiopia".[2] He died sometime between 638 to 642, when he was just over sixty years old.
Bilal Ibn Rabah, was an emancipated slave of key importance in Islam. He is said to have been one of the most trusted and loyal Sahaba (companion) of Muhammad and of Ali. His respected stature during the birth of Islam is often cited by Muslims as evidence of the importance of pluralism and racial equality in the foundations of the religion.


Prejudice is Igorance !

lgcoucou  — Il y a 7 ans

Liar !!!!!! we see now the new kind of slavery in OCCUPIED TERRITORIES (WICH IS PALESTINE) and who is killing men all arround the world bye the name of christ and for the satisfaction of israel .
Your probleme is that you can't reach islam so you try to find(in vain) any unsignificant information to to convince your self that youre islam when you free a slave you are rewarded... try to find out the truth for youre own salvation. in HELL you will not be allowed to say a word. kisses

ALG57  — Il y a 7 ans

yeah right.
Middle East slaves traders were the Madianits, arabs yes, but jews and not Muslim.
In Islam "no man can enslave another one", that's in the Quran.
Thanks for your neo-nazi propaganda.