Libya: Red Cross Statement on Abuzaid Dorda - Snd only - November 14, 2011

Libya: Red Cross Statement on Abuzaid Dorda - Snd only - November 14, 2011

Abuzaid Dorda is a very famous Libyan, Once the Prime Minister, and the permanent representative to the UN. Since being arrested in good health, he now has broken bones and his health is in jeopardy, in the last days there are videos on this channel with his brother and his son.

ICRC media brief November 2011

Libya: The ICRC's priority is to obtain access to and visit people recently arrested and held
by the transitional authorities and military councils. After having visited 6,000 detainees in
Tripoli, Misrata and other cities nearby over the past two months, the ICRC needs to carry
out further visits without delay in order to check on the treatment and conditions of detention
of newly detained people. Providing support for the management of mortal remains in order
to ensure that the bodies can be identified by their families is also a key activity, especially in
Sirte, as is raising awareness of the dangers of unexploded ordnance.

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