Libya: Libyan News for April 11, 2011

Libya: Libyan News for April 11, 2011
Libya: Libyan News for April 11, 2011
Libya State Television broadcast for April 11, 2011. English News direct from Tripoli.
African Union representatives visit Libya on a peacemaking mission. Gaddafi readily agrees to a ceasefire but the Rebels refuse a ceasefire, primarily because they have the military backing of the terrorist United States and the imperialist French and British and their NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.)
Libya Battles US backed and organized Terrorists as Neo Colonial Imperialist Aggession continues to rage in Eastern Libya. Masses of People in Libya and around the Globe continue to demonstrate daily against US, British and French Imperialist Aggression. Mass Demonstrations held this weekend in both New York as well as San Francisco as well as in numerous Cities around the Globe.
Meanwhile, the CIA and the US Special Forces, who are responsible for murdering hundreds of innocent Civilians, including men, women and children in Afghanistan and Iraq, have criminally snuck into Libya. This is an Act of War by Terrorist Obama and the Bloodthirsty Hillary Clinton. Obama is a Terrorist for bombing and invading Libya and he is a Traitor to his own Nation by going to War against a Nation that posed no threat to the United States without the approval of his Congress. Obama directly violated the War Powers act in a more gross fashion than George Bush ever did but the US Congress happily abdicated their Constitutionally directed responsibility that only Congress can declare War, allowing Obama to function as a Dictator even as he is ranting about other people being Dictators. Many of the so-called "liberals" in America are happily excited that the US Military is dropping 2,000 pound bombs on the Capitol of a Sovereign Nation and invading Libya with CIA and Rangers and Green Berets while arming a terrorist insurgency in Libya. These liberals are disgusting hypocrites because if a Republican was to invade Libya they would be out protesting and calling him a War Monger, which is what Obama actually is.
This invasion will end in humiliation for NATO and the Western Imperialists as they discover that Libya and Gaddafi are united, determined and undaunted Fighters who will defend their nations against these American and Europeon vampires.
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