Libya: Libyan News for April 10, 2011

Libya: Libyan News for April 10, 2011
Libya: Libyan News for April 10, 2011

No CNN or Al Jazeera Lies Here. April 10 Libya State Television English News direct from Tripoli Libya . African Leadership delegation visits Libya and Gaddafi to attempt to work out a ceasefire. Rallies continue throughout Libya in support of the Government and for Col Muammar Al Gaddafi.
Gaddafi is Loved by Millions of Libya Citizens. Libya is united to crush the Benghazi Terror Gangs and to defeat and humiliate the CIA, Mi6, NATO, Al Qaeda, Qatar and all the other parasites and predators who have descended upon Libya hoping to foment chaos. Gaddafi is the Lion of Africa and is showing himself to be no "easy pickings" for the Imperialists and Islamist radicals.

Libya State Television April 10

The website: - is an excellent site to visit for more background material on the Imperialist attempt to re-colonize Libya.


Name: Long Live Col. M. El Kaddafi


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