Libya: Anonymous - FREE LIBYA WAKE UP ! To all people of good will - August 28, 2011

Libya: Anonymous - FREE LIBYA WAKE UP ! To all people of good will - August 28, 2011
Libya: Anonymous - FREE LIBYA WAKE UP ! To all people of good will - August 28, 2011
The Rape of Libya
NATO Special Forces on the Ground
The bitter truth - ( LIBYA)
Fierce Gunbattle in Tripoli Streets, Smoke from air attacks 26.08.11
FREE LIBYA - 25.08.2011 - UPLOAD THIS - Stop the EU / NATO rats!
FREE LIBYA - 25.08.2011 - All people in the world supports Jamahirya - Stop the EU / NATO WAR!
FREE LIBYA - 25.08.11 - Appeal to all people in the world! The Libyan genocide must be stopped!
FREE LIBYA - 25.08.11 - Viva Muammar Gaddafi, Libya And Its People
Muammar Gaddafi is Our HERO
3 Big Lies About the U.S./NATO War on Libya
Distribute the flyer and combat the corporate media lies!
Big Lie #1: This is a "humanitarian intervention" to "protect civilians"
Reality: Over 1,100 Libyan civilians have died as a result of the U.S./NATO bombing. The sanctions that the West has put on Libya has led to severe shortages of medical supplies and water supplies are running low. As with the invasion of Iraq, Washington has tried to minimize the fact of civilian destruction.
Big Lie #2: The U.S. government wants to "foster democracy" the Middle East
Reality: Libya has the largest oil reserves in Africa, which makes it a prize for the United States, France, Britain and Italy. They want regime change in Libya so the government does their bidding. These same countries that pretend to care about "democracy" have supported vicious dictatorships in Egypt, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia.
Big Lie #3: The Libyan people want and support the intervention
Reality: There have been enormous demonstrations in Libya AGAINST the bombing: One million have rallied in Tripoli, hundreds of thousands in Sabha (southern Libya), and tens of thousands in smaller cities. That's in a country of only 6 million people! The Libyan rebels asked for the bombing, because that is how they plan to take power—but they DO NOT speak for the Libyan people as a whole.
Two out of every three people in this country are against the war on Libya. Now it is time to take action!
Stop the War! Libya is for Libyans—U.S. Hands Off!
Download and distribute this PDF flyer in your neighborhood, workplace and school!
People of the world!
Join us! Please forward this message to all Embassies of Green Libya, U N, NATO, your governments, parliaments, EU etc.
We are Anonymous, we recognize Brother-Leader of the Libyan Revolution Muammar Gaddafi as The World Leader of the Fight Against West aggressors Tyranny and Oppression.
Now Libya is OUR LAST FRONTIER and all efforts of NATO crusaders are focused on Libyans instead of hammering sovereign states prepared for slaughter.
Muammar Gaddafi stands alone and tall against the forces of world neo-Nazism.
Swastika was replaced by Wind Rose, but sinister cross remains as well as bloodthirsty colonial Europe and USA following a mad snake whisperer.
World War 3 started on the North Africa coast.
squads of British and Frenchmen are landing,
the battle for the capital goes on and Libyans rise their arms to stand against the enemy.
Cowards and traitors appear-but their names will be damned by history.
the history to which this enormous for 21st century standoff has already been written.
In this war there are no confronting nations.
it's confrontation of two worlds.
world of truth and world of lies.
All free will people all over the world gather under the proud banners of Colonel Gaddafi and under his leadership
Gaddafi is not only Libyan leader- he is the leader of all who stand for peace and justice.
NATO crime must stop!
The Rape of Libyan must stop!
The genocide of the Libyan population must stop!
Organize yourselves!
Go on the street! NOW!
Shows the green flag. NOW!
Distribute all Free Libya videos telling it to your friends or strangers.
For a free Libya for a free world!
all people of good will all over the world stand for Muammar Gaddafi and his Nation, for Libya!
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