" Jude Law, Jeremy Gilley, Barack Obama- Men of Peace 3D" Of N-L-C

Hello, I believe in the Peace, Peace is possible even for one day, I also believe in Peace One Day, and I respect most in the world three men of peace, the Ambassador of Peace One Day Jude Law The Founder Mr. Jeremy Gilley, and U.S. President Mr. Barack Obama. and this video I just made for them is, just to say thank you...

September 17, I lived a wonderful dream, just for a night where 30 seconds before, people were strangers, together we were all one heart, one soul, united in this peace, this day of peace was there.

it's Christmas time where everyone love, peace is possible, peace is present, then my video is in honor of three men, no matter what they are, ,who work tirelessly every day of their lives, we also offer this peace ..

The Peace One Day Ambassador, Mr Jude Law, Founder Mr. Jeremy Gilley, and the U.S. President, Mr. Barack Obama.

For it is three men, whom I respect most in the world, those who think first of them that peace and then I wish them a merry christmas three and their families, and the rest of the world too ...

Thank You very much..
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