Japan Kesennuma: March 11th Tsunami Carries Fishing Boats out to Sea - May 6, 2011

Japan Kesennuma: March 11th Tsunami Carries Fishing Boats out to Sea - May 6, 2011 漁船を沖へと運ぶ激しい引き波=気仙沼に襲来した大津波 海上保安庁は4月28日、東日本大震災による津波で大きな被害を受けた宮城県気仙沼港の映像を公開した。気仙沼合同庁舎から3月11日午後3時ごろ、気仙沼海上保安署の職­員が撮影した。気仙沼を激しく襲う、津波と引き波の様子が映し出されている。  警報が響き渡る湾内に流れ込んできた津波は、滝のようになって岸壁を乗り越え、駐車中の車を押し流していく。係留中のフェリーもロープが切れ、湾の奥へと流されてしまう。­津波は市街地に流れ込み、濁流となって家屋や電柱をなぎ倒していく。  津波が引き波に変わり、初めは緩い流れが、みるみる激しい流れとなり、がれきや何隻もの漁船を沖へと運んでいく。津波が収まった後には、建物や水面に浮かんだがれきが燃え­はじめ、黒い煙が幾つも立ち上っている。【海上保安庁提供】 In English Maritime Safety Agency April 28th, released the image of the Miyagi prefecture Kesennuma port which receives big damage in the tidal wave by east Japanese large earthquake disaster. March 11th around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the staff of Kesennuma marine preservation station photographed from the Kesennuma combined government building. Kesennuma is attacked extremely, circumstances of the tidal wave and the undertow have started projecting.  The tidal wave which flows into inside the bay which warning resounds, becoming like the cascade, gets over the quay, keeps washing away the car which is in the midst of parking. The ferryboat which is in the midst of mooring the rope is cut off, is let flow to the inner part of the bay. The tidal wave flows into the urban district, becomes the muddy stream and keeps levelling the house and the utility pole.  The tidal wave changes to undertow, as for beginning the loose flow, becomes the instantly extreme flow, keeps carrying the furrow and no thing fishing boat to the open sea. After the tidal wave is settled, it floated in the building and the water surface, but the furrow starts burning, many black smoke has stood up. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Source: Name: JiJi Websites: http://www.youtube.com/user/JiJi http://www.jiji.com/jc/movie?rel=t Country: Japan -----------------------------------------------------------------

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