Japan Fukushima: Update - More Radioactive Beef, Typhoon moves in - July 18, 2011

Japan Fukushima: Update - More Radioactive Beef, Typhoon moves in - July 18, 2011
Japan Fukushima: Update - More Radioactive Beef, Typhoon moves in - July 18, 2011

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CRMT- connectingdots1 finds Dangerous Radioactive rain in Lake Louise,BC (1.66 mcSv/hr)

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Glitch Sparks Low-Level Emergency at San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant July 17, 2011

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Geiger counters in Japan post-Fukushima: The disturbing discoveries made by those living here

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Lying Politicians And Words

*Note: Single radiation dose of 2,000 millisieverts (200,000 millirems) and above causes serious illness. See also exposure list below.
Half-life of some radioactive elements

[NOTE: Half-life is the time taken for a radioactive substance to decay by half.] * Cesium-134 ~ 2 years * Cesium-137 ~ 30 years * Iodine-131 ~ 8 days * Plutonium-239 ~ 24,200 years * Ruthenium-103 ~ 39 days [Ruthenium is a fission product of uranium-235.] * Ruthenium-106 ~ 374 days * Strontium-90 ~ 28.85 years [Strontium-90 is a product of nuclear fission and is found in large amounts in spent nuclear fuel and in radioactive waste from nuclear reactors.] * Uranium-234 ~ 246,000 years * Uranium-235 ~ 703.8 million years * Uranium-238 ~ 4.468 billion years

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