[iPad App] draw the birth chart by horoscope JIKU (customer book)

[iPad App] draw the birth chart by horoscope JIKU (customer book)
English http://www.tsumugiwa.jp/
Japanese http://www.interbars.co.jp/

The App can make a real horoscope that satisfies the professional stylish anytime and anywhere.
Stimulates your sense of rich beauty horoscope.

- Style with new fortune-telling
Irrespective of place or time, I want to tell fortunes stylish anytime and anywhere.
Let's go out all over the world with Horoscope.

- iPad, iPhone, Android, and 3 types horoscope JIKU
The horoscope JIKU used all over the world is supported in 3 platforms.
It proposes the new style with fortune-telling because iPad is always with you.

- Horoscope that stimulates sensibility
The App unties you from annoying task that makes the horoscope.

You can concentrate on feeling from the horoscope.
The horoscope has been drawn to the fact that stay up at that time of the day. The most important thing for the horoscope is how to tell the user the moment.
The horoscope drawn by the horoscope JIKU stimulates the sensibility of the user by a beautiful interface. Your rich sensibility is that various stories begin to spin it from a beautiful horoscope.

- Reliability of horoscope
An important positional calculation of planets for the horoscope is highly accurate data to be able to answer professional needs.
This high accuracy supports the reliability of the fortune-telling by the horoscope.
This horoscope answers professional needs and needs of a fresh person i who stood from the entrance of astrology.
This horoscope aims at the App that all people are satisfied.

- Kind interface for person
The planet is drawn on the horoscope, and an interplanetary aspect is expressed by the view format.
Moreover, the planet on the horoscope is connected by the line by an aspect two interplanetary.
The planet is classified each by 2(Duality), 3(Quality), and 4(Element).
The position of each planet is expressed at the constellation and the angle in the constellation.
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Chiron
DH(Dragon Head), DT(Dragon Tail), ASC(Ascendant), DSC(Descendant), MC(Medium Coeli), IC(Imum Coeli)
House from 1 to 12 is expressed at the position of the constellation.
The House System could be chosen the Placidian House, the Koch House, the Solar House, the EqualSign House, the WholeSign House, and the SolarSign House.

When (birth) time is a uninput because it doesn't know time, it is drawn with Solar Chart.

- World support
The input of the date is a kind interface to people by 3 methods all over the world.
The input of the place can easily do specific at a more highly accurate position with Map for all over the world.
It corresponds to the time-zone and Daylight Saving Time(Summertime).

- Optional feature
A basic set makes the horoscope by 10 sensitive points of the planets.

(1) 21 Sensitive Points Option
The App becomes a horoscope of 21 sensitive points, 15 sensitive points by the planet and the asteroids in the solar system and 6 sensitive points by DH, DT, MC, IC, ASC, and DSC.

(2) Compatible(Transit) Option
The horoscope is drawn at two dates.

(3) Progress Option
The horoscope is drawn specifying the passage year for the NATAL horoscope.
It adds to a compatible option.

(4)Customer Book Option
The Customer BOOK can manage information on your dearest people.
Information on the person who made the horoscope is automatically recorded by the Customer BOOK.
The horoscope can be easily made by quoting it from the Customer BOOK.
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