Intervierw - Point the Finger at the Jewish Elite - May 22, 2011

Intervierw - Point the Finger at the Jewish Elite - May 22, 2011

Jann Scott talks to George Hunt about the Jewish Elite that meet at Shabat on Wall Street on a questionable conspiracies that are going on in the Occidenta


George W. Hunt investigates a huge $45 Trillion financial cabal area exists that has gone unregulated and how Congress believes it's time to fix it.

George W. Hunt

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I am a retired businessman in Boulder Colorado. In the late eighties, I went to a UN environmental conference as a volunteer and uncovered the largest deception of finance and Banking in US history. The Big Bad Bank is my 5th film which explains what is going on. The book, The Big Bad Bank, is a written documentary with exhibits of this modern day conspiracy. All of my Films and books were made without outside funding, I financed the books and videos myself so I could bring you the truth. Any support and donations
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