If I Die Young (Orihime & Ichigo)

If I Die Young (Orihime & Ichigo)
This video stars Inoue Orihime, Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki & Tatsuki Arisawa.
Song: If I Die Young
Artist: Band Perry
Anime: Bleach Amv
Summary: Orihime may not have had an entire lifetime to spend with her friends, but for her the time she did have was enough.
0:00 Rukia visits her grave
0:24 Orihime as a child
0:28 Tatsuki grieves over Orihime's death, but she is comforted by the fact that she is finally reunited with her parents.
0:41 Orihime's parents who died when she was a child.
1:50 Ichigo is angry that he could not protect her.
2:04 Orihime is saying good-bye to Ichigo. She only has until sunrise.
2:29 The car accident
2:39 Saying good-bye
2:43 Ichigo senses a familiar presence.
3:13 Rukia is about to take Orihime to Soul Society.
3:33 Ichigo reminisces about the past and
3:39 Finally says good-bye.
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