Fukushima Day 104 Lady Gaga promotes Japan as safe destination while US Nuclear plants in High - June 23, 2011

Fukushima Day 104 Lady Gaga promotes Japan as safe destination while US Nuclear plants in High - June 23, 2011 Click here to donate http://www.youtube.com/user/connectingdots1 Lady Gaga promises to promote Japan as a safe destination: http://enenews.com/lady-gaga-promises-to-promote-japan-as-a-safe-destination-... Parts of school playground declared off-limits after .25 microsieverts/hr detected 200 km SE of Fukushima http://enenews.com/parts-of-school-playground-declared-off-limits-after-25-mi... Crew members on Justin Bieber's tour refuse go to Japan for upcoming shows in Tokyo, Osaka because of radiation http://enenews.com/crew-members-justin-biebers-tour-refuse-japan-upcoming-sho... Bird eye's view of Calhoun plant http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/249728_10150218029379630_64452... Fire knocks out spent fuel cooling at nuclear plant near Omaha http://enenews.com/fire-knocks-out-spent-fuel-cooling-at-nuclear-plant-near-o... No-fly zone remains over troubled nuclear plant near Omaha http://enenews.com/fly-zone-remains-troubled-nuclear-plant-omaha-effect-flood... ABC: "Two feet of water have already made its way to several areas of the Fort Calhoun plant" http://enenews.com/abc-feet-water-already-made-several-areas-fort-calhoun-pla... Cooper nuclear plant: 60 people are sleeping on cots, staffers rotated out every two days http://enenews.com/cooper-nuclear-plant-60-people-are-sleeping-on-cots-staffe... NRC says it is "closely monitoring" Missouri River as floodwater's http://enenews.com/nrc-says-it-is-closely-monitoring-missouri-river-with-floo... 4 to 5 more inches of water at Nebraska nuke plants after 7% flow increase from dam: http://enenews.com/4-to-5-inch-water-level-increase-at-nebraska-nuke-plants-f... 8 feet of snow remains on ground in Montana, and still snowing — "It's going to flow back down there toward Nebraska": http://enenews.com/8-feet-of-snow-remains-on-ground-in-montana-and-still-snow... --------------------------------------------------------------------- Source: Name: Connecting Dots aka CD Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/connectingdots1 Country: Canada --------------------------------------------------------------------
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