Editorsclub's Top 5 Edits Of The Week! - Week #6

EditorsClub Thanks to everyone who entered ! Hope there is gonna be the double members next week, CAUSE THE CLIPS ARE SICK ! The commentator: PlatinumGaminTheatre Winners: 1) ancTT_ialSY gansta611 2) QvNtVU6a6qc 00piepZ 3) OWSfrMcxFy0 LE0NGFX 4) BsYFgg492Os MattRichHD 5) AXizlhBFM_o Dawnzor Special Video) V2UakzshBZg Brohbot Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Freestyle-Replay/173854019335563 CLIPS ARE HD, DISABLED RESAMPLED! Triple Wallbang - Dragunov PC http://adf.ly/2AaTw AK 5 MAN QUADFEED (MULTI KILL) http://adf.ly/2AZsa Amazing L96 Streak (Triple Killfeeds) PC http://adf.ly/2Aa2M L96 5 Man feed PC http://adf.ly/2Aa8d L96 Triple Killfeed PC http://adf.ly/2AaDh Quad Throw Back Grenade (Multi Kill) PC http://adf.ly/2AaIJ Sniper L96 5 Man feed PC http://adf.ly/2AaN6 RULES: - You must use our intro in your edit. - You have to post your video as a video response. - Must use non-copyrighted music if you want us to upload. - You cannot use any other clips than the clips for this competition. - You have atleast a week to finish your video and post as a video response. Videos that are posted after that time limit will not be judged on. - You must include a link to editorsclub in your edit's video description. Information: - The clips are HD, Disampled Resampled & 59,94 FPS. - We will upload the Top 3 Edits to our channel. - We will watch every single entry, and if we find it attractive we will post a comment or like the video. - You can use cinematics in your edit. We will jugde your video on: - Color correction - Synch - Special effects - 3D work - Creativity GOOD LUCK! For further details add us on skype and we will try and help you as good as possible. Skype: Editorsclub - Editorsclub.

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