Earthquake Warning?: RAINBOW RING AROUND THE SUN CAUSED BY CHEMTRAILS - March 1, 2011 Yes, I know a ring around the sun can be simply a sign that precipitation is coming. But, when I woke up the morning of this video, the sky was completely blue. There wasn't a cloud in the sky.. I go to school and come home to find X's all over the sky and had to make a video. I didn't even notice this ring around the sun until I saw it on my camera, and then it was so obvious. And guess what, it didn't rain a single drop. Aluminum is more reflective than H20, which is probably why it caused this ring to be formed around the sun without any signs of precipitation. This is not natural. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Source: Name: Tina Websites: Country: United States ----------------------------------------------------------------- Other resources: Anthony J Hilder EU Conspiracy w Theo Chalmers ON THE EDGE No51 What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length) Evergreen International Airlines is a cargo airline based in McMinnville, Oregon, USA. It operates contract freight services, offering charters and scheduled flights, as well as wet lease services. It operates services for the U.S. military and the United States Postal Service, as well as ad hoc charter flights. Its main bases are Rickenbacker International Airport, Columbus, Ohio, John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York and Columbus Metropolitan Airport, with a hub at Hong Kong International Airport.[2] Evergreen maintains a large aircraft maintenance and storage facility at the Pinal Air Park in Marana, Arizona that the company acquired from the CIA's Air America fleet.[3][4][5] MARKETS: • Firefighting • Oil Spill Containment • Weather Modification • Biochemical Decontamination The Evergreen Supertanker is not just limited to fighting fire. It will be a true utilitarian aircraft with the capability to configure to different applications on short notice. This multimission aircraft can support sensitive security and environmental missions. The aircraft’s exceptional drop capabilities, loiter time and size make it an ideal tool to perform challenging homeland security missions, able to neutralize chemical attacks on military installments or major population centers, and help control large, environmentally disastrous oil spills. In addition, the upper deck of the Boeing 747 provides over 200 square feet of space that could be assigned as a command and control center. EIA possesses an FAA exemption number 1870C that permits the carriage of up to five individuals that are not crewmembers in the upper deck. This area is capable of providing space for command and control components that would assist in sophisticated mapping, incident monitoring and video/communications downlink relay that might require additional personnel over and above the required crew. Cellphones

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