【(dorami_diego)*KANATA】DO【COOL JAPAN MUSIC!!】

【(dorami_diego)*KANATA】DO【COOL JAPAN MUSIC!!】
(dorami+diego)*KANATA from japan
official site:http://kanata-labo.com/
(mobole site:http://ip.tosp.co.jp/i.asp?I=dorami_diego)
Inquiry Mail:oogami_syouhei@livedoor.com
about us
Is it really "music", by letting them hear a one-way sound from a speaker?
Is it really "live concert", by looking down from the stage atthe audience and letting them see it one-sidedly?
Aren't there more different ways of expression, activity or execution in "music" and "live concerts"?
Perhaps we, the performer side, slighted the "audience" without noticing.
Perhaps we shut "music" in five lines, only make 2 ways out of left and right of "music",
let them justhear one-sided "music", make "music" a weapon and expolited music before knowing it.
The "(dorami+diego)*KANATA" is a musical group gathered up that has a purpose of thinking once more
what real music is and bridging "music" and " listeners (audience)" with a main thought of " music" and "audience".

We are looking for Rabel.

Ogami Shohei thought"Japan's music will die if we leave it theway it is "and made contact with Kume Kazuki and orginized the group.

Changing members many times, they succeeded in the first live concert & first self made project.

Succeeded in self-madeproject for 16 concecutive months. The average of mobilization was more than 100 people.

Announced a plan of a one-man live concert and the cessation of the activity.
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