Cyclone Martin (Taku Manihiki)

Cyclone Martin (Taku Manihiki)
Tika n Sons performing the song Cyclone Martin (Te Hurihuri Matini) remembering those who perished in the 1997 cyclone that devastated my home island Manihiki.
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4 commentaires
YNAR  — Il y a 6 ans

Alofa atu MANIHIKI .Mole galo ai Tauhunu mo Tukao .

teha  — Il y a 6 ans

enorme pensees,effectivement c est touchant la chanson!!merci maine tonga! aplus tard.

Rosa-Li  — Il y a 6 ans

It's terrible and hope your family survived (if you had family there). Good song, otherwise.

Rico67  — Il y a 6 ans

Mea Aroa Nui no teie imene no Manihiki after this cyclone in 1997 ...
Thank you !!!