Crown Equity Holdings (CRWE) Update and Projects for 2012

Welcome and thank you for joining me. I’m your host Christina Collins. After becoming a publishing company Crown Equity Holdings Inc - CRWE - has been evolving in a worldwide online multimedia advertising publisher. The company’s focus is on the distribution of current information to a target audience which advertisers want to reach. To grow they must diversify and the Crown Equity family continues to expand. The Crown family consist of CRWE Domains, CRWE Real Estate, CRWE Tube, CRWE Newswire, Crown Teleservices, CRWE Direct, CRWE AD Services, CRWE Finance and CRWE Press Release. Crown Tele Services will provide Telecom infrastructure in Las Vegas for Residential, small, and medium businesses, Enterprise and call centers. CRWE AD Services is a full service multimedia advertising company specializing in internet marketing and the company’s latest addition, CRWE Tube a video sharing site, allows billions of people around the world to upload, watch and share original videos. Crown Equity Holdings is paving the way worldwide in how we communicate. From buying and selling goods to how people receive news and by uniting our world through global communications. Today, Crown Equity Holdings, vision is clear, their mission is profound and they believe the future is endless. I’m Christina Collins and thank you for joining me ********************************* THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY OR SELL ANY SECURITY! Full discalimer at

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