China: British reporter demystifies Xinhua News Agency - February 23, 2011

China: British reporter demystifies Xinhua News Agency - February 23, 2011 A new book titled 「Limp Pigs and the Five-ring Circus」 by British reporter Mark Newham was published in the U.K. last month.Newham served as 「foreign expert」 at Xinhua News Agency in 2004, and witnessed how the CCP controlled propaganda to deceive the world. His new book tells the secrets of Xinhua News Agency. Mark Newham said to BBC, he expressed his anger and frustration caused by a constraining system in his book through a British sense of humor. The book conveys a message that China has in fact not changed, and the situation of media freedom has even worsened. Experiences at Xinhua New Agency left Mark Newham with 「psychological shadow,」 which needed psychiatric counseling to clear. Mark Newham is a freelancer. He says, despite the title, the book is not about circus. It is documentation of his experiences, emotions, and reflections as a Western journalist inside China's propaganda machine. He says the theme of this book is 「anger」, the kind of anger caused by deception. According to Mark Newham, China has not changed on the social-political level. Western media and writers are often blinded by the economic growth in China, misconceiving Shanghai's Pudong as representative of China. Working for Xinhua News Agency enabled Newham to access people and places hidden from foreigners, and allowed him to see the real China. The book reveals that before the 2008 Olympic games, media control in China was somewhat loosened. However, media freedom was quickly diminished right after the Olympic games. China opened up to foreign media and so-called 「harmful websites」 during the Olympics till Oct. 17,2008. On Oct. 16, the government announced such access would become permanent. But it was immediately noticed that foreign media still needed permission to report in Tibet and Xinjiang. Newham remarks that changes in China stop on the economical level. On the socio-political level, the development is slow or even reversed. He believes the problem is in the power structure. Unlike in Western countries, government officials in China are not elected. Internet user 「Jane」 says: 「It's difficult for foreigners to truly understand China even after many years of living in this country, because everyone is putting up a show in front of foreigners... I was a reporter in Beijing.I know how lies are turned into beautiful prints every day. In Huangshi, Hubei, interviewees for news broadcasts were asked to read prepared scripts by the TV station. On Jan. 23, 2001, CCTV claimed that Falun Gong practitioners were responsible for the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident.On Aug. 14, 2001, International Education Development stated at the U.N. that video analysis showed the 「Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident」 was 「staged by the government」 to slander Falun Gong. NTD reporters Li An'an and Liu Liu 其他推荐: 《神韵》2011世界巡演新亮点 《九评共产党》全球多语种文本下载 达拉斯艺术名流盛赞神韵 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Source: Name: China Forbidden News Websites: -------------------------------------------------------------------

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