Chemtrails: Former IRS Agent Joe Bannister calls on Obama & Feds to Stop the Genocide Now - February 22, 2011

Chemtrails:   Former IRS Agent Joe Bannister calls on Obama & Feds to Stop the Genocide Now - February 22, 2011
Chemtrails: Former IRS Agent Joe Bannister calls on Obama & Feds to Stop the Genocide Now - February 22, 2011

Anthony J Hilder interviews former IRS agent Joe Bannister about the chemtrail death dumps, who is paying for them, why we are being poisoned, and prosecution of those who are orchestrating the crimes against humanity.

Hilder: does the taxpayer's have to pay for this?

Bannister: Unfortunately, the U.S. government supports all sorts of eugenics type activities. It's really sickening that our own government would be supporting programs and activities.

Hilder: Are you talking about population control?

Bannister: Yes, I am. I am talking about death and illness.
Hilder: So, these are death dumps they are dropping on us: chemtrails with aluminum oxide, strontium, barium, silver hexafluoride, etc.

Bannister: I've seen quite a bit of evidence that clearly there are programs to dump all of these chemicals on us. I'm not sure what the purpose is yet.

Hilder: The purpose is to kill us. In Nazi, Germany they did this. There were the Nuremburg trials. Should there not be another Nuremburg trial.

Bannister: That would be a good idea if we could find somebody to actually prosecute these people. We need to have more Americans who understand what is going on so that there can be enough of an uprising to actually do that. Certainly, they are actually doing it and killing people and making them sick.

Hilder: It is genocide, isn't it?

Bannister: Sure, absolutely.

Hilder: Fonticide? Humanicide?

Bannister: Absolutely. Once again, it is government sanctioned eugenics.

Hilder: But, we all have to pay for this, right?

Bannister: Well, there's people who don't want to pay. I would be one of them. I would not want to pay to support some kind of immoral conduct or activity.

Hilder: But, a lot of people say that this is the thing to do. We've got to support our government even if our government is Hitlerian.

Bannister: Well, I don't believe in that. The fact of the matter is that if people would just look into actual income tax laws, they would find the most Americans are not required to pay it the first place.

Hilder: So, we're actually not required to pay for the killing of our own people?

Bannister: That's right.

For more evidence pertaining to death dumps/chemtrails/geoengineering and what YOU can do to help stop it,


Name: Aircrap Org.


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