CFACT hosts energy poverty tour at UN climate conference

CFACT hosts energy poverty tour at UN climate conference
CFACT hosts energy poverty tour at UN climate conference

On one side of this tropical strip, UN delegates, media, and observers shuttle between luxurious hotels, posh restaurants, a white sandy beach with turquoise water, and a modern convention center where they spend their time bemoaning man-made climate change and planning the energy future for the rest of the globe.

One the other side of the Cancun "Hotel Zoneria," just 10 or 15 kilometers from downtown, live countless numbers of Mexican families without electricity, running water, or any of the other modern conveniences we in the developed world take for granted everyday.

It was to this other side that CFACT traveled, bringing delegates and reporters to see what energy poverty looks like, up-close and in-person. (Click here to read more:

Seeing the face of energy poverty, up-close, in Cancun

CFACT is funding the installation of the school's first electric lights.

All Pain No Gain

Oppose restrictive energy policies
Protect American jobs and prosperity from Green environmental hype

Efforts to promote Green energy and jobs, and control man-made "greenhouse gases," through mandates and subsidies are nothing more than "All Pain, No Gain" — all economic pain for no environmental gain.

* Energy Tax: Proposals like cap and trade, carbon taxes, and renewable energy mandates are simply expensive massive regulations on energy use - on everything we heat, cool, drive, make, grow, eat, and do - and will therefore cause the price of everything to skyrocket.

* Hurts Americans: These proposals will harm all Americans by exorbitantly raising gasoline prices and utility bills, sending jobs overseas, perpetuating the myth that "green jobs" will grow our economy, and acting as a huge "regressive tax" that will especially hurt the poor and our nation's seniors on fixed incomes.

* Failing Science: An outpouring of peer-reviewed studies, data, and skeptical scientists from around the world debunks the alleged "consensus" about man-made global warming. The Earth is well within natural climate variability, climate fear is being driven by unproven computer models, and it is preposterous for the EPA, White House, or Congress to call carbon dioxide a "pollutant."

* Purely Symbolic: Congressional proposals like cap and trade or other energy mandates, and international treaties like the Kyoto Protocol, are purely symbolic efforts at reducing emissions and stabilizing the climate. Even President Obama's own EPA admits cap-and-trade style policies will have no detectable impact on global CO2 levels or temperatures. U.N. treaties will also be meaningless as developing nations like China and India will continue to expand their CO2 emissions and replace reduced industrial production by the developed world.

* CFACT combines the passion of environmentalism with the practical solutions of markets and technologies to help solve many of the world’s most pressing concerns.
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