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Welcome in the extraordinary world of exotic and luxury cars. Cannes Car Rental invites you to discover the most prestigious car makes available on the French Riviera. Our goal is to provide a high level of service and that is why you will never have to wait at any counter to rent one of our car. We deliver and collect the car you"ve chosen at the place of your choice.

We have necessarilly a car responding to your wishes.

We have selected the most luxurious sedans for your comfort, ultra sporty cars to give a unique thrill, a large selection of convertibles to enjoy the sunny roads, and also a range of luxurious SUV"s to gett off the tradionnal roads and enjoy all winter activities.We are present in all the cities of the French Riviera such as Monaco, Cannes and of course Saint Tropez. We offer a large possibility of delivery places and we are at your entire disposal for all your needs.
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