Camera Selection Assistance by Level III Thermographiers

Camera Selection Assistance by Level III Thermographiers

FLIR is the world leader in IR infrared cameras and thermal imaging systems. Along with the best warranty in the business, FLIR also offers world class technical support, customer service and cutting edge infrared camera design and functionality. Modern day FLIR cameras not only employ the highest state of art image quality and detector resolution, but also come with features such as; WiFi integration to Apple and Android devices, touch screen with write on screen ability, interchangable optics, auto focus and the most affordable cameras in the world within the FLIR I series thermal imagers.

At AC Tool Supply we have level III thermographiers on staff, that not only know FLIR IR camera systems, but also work in the field doing IR inspections for just about every application.

Need help building an infrared business or adding on infrared as an ancillary service? We can help!
Want to avoid talking to just a counter person that only knows part numbers and prices? That isn't us.
Want to avoid a sales rep that only cares about how much camera you can afford? We know what camera is right for what application without having to oversell you.
Most importantly, we can help you market your IR services and help you grow your business via infrared. Give us a call today and see how our 8+ years of real world infrared experiece can help you! 877-207-1244
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