Big Mojo feat. Johnny La Rosa - Back Where I Belong (Ian Osborn and Nicolas Francoual Re-Work)

OUT NOW ! ! ! ! This new single with the emblematic title of "Back where I belong", sees Big Mojo up stream to the distant origins of the delta blues style, and it is the single who’s anticipating the release of the new album.
The depth of the voice of Johnny La Rosa along with the whispered notes of his Fender Telecaster express both sadness and hope, the studio production of Caesar Ferioli aka Big Mojo makes contemporary sounds that sink roots in very distant times, where the clash and coexistence of different cultures generated new scenarios and new ways of being...
The release sees along the original track and the instrumental version the remixes of: Guido Nemola, Ian Osborn & Nicolas Francoual, Chronophone, Starsgarage Paco & Leone, Submantra, Albedo 067 and Piero Mas.
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