Beat Sugar Addiction Now

Beat Sugar Addiction Now
---Beat Sugar Addiction Now. "When I first thought about getting off chocolate I thought I would be miserable. Wow, was I wrong; it's been awesome and so worth it. I cannot stress enough how worth it, it has been. I was always the one that said, 'I will NOT live without chocolate; it's a woman's best friend and I will have it!' After doing Samantha's program, I haven't had chocolate in over 4 months and I REALLY don't even miss it! I used to have it every day and didn't think I could "Yo ni siquiera pensar en el chocolate nunca más!" be without it.

I used to have it every day and didn't think I could be without it. I always had an afternoon slump, having to take a nap and I was crabby with my kids. Now, it's wonderful, I have so much energy, no more naps and I can just look at chocolate and m & m's in the store and I really have NO desire whatsoever to have it and it's awesome. I never thought it would happen and it did.

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