Barnaby Joyce: The carbon tax is 'Bob Brown's Big Bank Bonus' - October 12, 2011

Barnaby Joyce: The carbon tax is 'Bob Brown's Big Bank Bonus' - October 12, 2011

( ) The Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce on ABC News24 with Lyndal Curtis, on the day the carbon (dioxide) tax passed in the House of Representatives.

I missed the firs 3O seconds or so of the interview (my computer crashed) here is the written transcript of the missed part.

LYNDAL CURTIS: Barnaby Joyce welcome to ABC News 24.
BARNABY JOYCE: Thanks Lyndal. Thanks for having me on.
LYNDAL CURTIS: The carbon price legislation is in the Senate, do you accept there is no way you can stop it from becoming law?
BARNABY JOYCE: I accept that it is now obviously very difficult but that does not mean it is the end of the battle that just means it is the start. I am not going to relent and neither is any body else. When this comes in we will continue to fight on because this is a ridiculous proposition, with the economic climate the way it is, we are going forward with a new tax and

Video starts from here

The bottom line is this, it does nothing to change the temperature of the globe........

at the 2:05 min mark

The other part of this of course is the huge boon to the banks. I hope the Australian people realise this. Big banks get their biggest bonus ever courtesy of Bob Brown, it's Bob Brown's "Big Bank Bonus". They are going to get billions of dollars in commission to trade a permit around the marketplace, ultimately with your Emissions Trading Scheme, because of a colourless, odourless gas, which some housewife, man on the land has to pay. Money does not grow on trees, they are definitely going to pay.
Then we give, what, $56.9 billion a year, by 2050, to send overseas to buy permits, these bizarre markets where they go to Russia, or to south-east Asia or the west coast of Africa and buy these incredible permits from these incredible permit markets.


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