Babariba - Ganesha

Babariba - Ganesha
“Barariba” is a sample from an old reggae piece. “The artist’s name on that one was Al Capone”, remembers GANESHA, “and in the original idea it wasn’t meant as a refrain for the track at all.”

Nevertheless, the song is ringing in lots of heads, and the refrain, like it or not, is so infectious that this summer everybody from Germany’s Timmendorfer Beach to Jamaica’s Kingston beach, from California to Cape Town will be beaming, setting lots of lively feelings free. Just the kind of liveliness that GANESHA embodies every day. Just take it easy. Let 5 be an even number. And above all, don’t take everything so damned seriously. Do something crazy – you only have one life.

Just be a little – babariba!

“The song is really gaga, and that’s me all over”, says GANESHA. “In any case I’m always “babariba.””

But tell the truth: Aren’t we all somehow a little “babariba”?

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