Ask a millionaire for money - A good hart at will

Ask a millionaire for money - A good hart at will
Asking a millionaire is matter of great confusion and apprehension indeed for the general public but all these problems can be well erased off by only keeping few things in mind. The first thing is to be sure and confident what to go for. If a donation or monetary transaction is in mind to ask then it is to be made clear that what are the results of it and in turn how it can develop as a good image or even(tax saving) mechanism for him. As much clearer the matter with estimated great results would be the better is the chance that the millionaire will give his or her assent for the job. The second most important thing is to portray the best character and clear concepts about the thing which is a must for convincing the millionaire to do the job. A good reputation is always a golden duck and that is why it is better to show a man before him whose reputation precedes him for all the good deeds and that really create an almost 70% “YES” saying tendency for the millionaire about any proposal. The more result and benefit oriented the things would be the better the job will be.

ask a millionaire for money
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