Anaheim cops open fire on moms + kids - USA out of control - July 22, 2012

Anaheim cops open fire on moms + kids - USA out of control - July 22, 2012
Anaheim cops open fire on moms + kids - USA out of control - July 22, 2012

This is an example of the israelification of America. Kids and mothers are now being treated the exact same way Palestinians are treated everyday.

Police EVEN tried to buy peoples footage from their phones !! SEE:
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Actually this report is very biased. There was no riot. Just concerned citizens asking questions to the Police about a questionable killing. 'Stomper" name of the victim was also a media hyped nonsense... Where is his REAL name on this news report?

Welcome to the 'CHANGE' that AIPAC + CFR stooge OBAMA has brought to America.

No different to BUSH, in fact some say worse. Judge for yourself...

Tensions were high after Saturday's shooting, which resulted in the death of a man identified by family as Manuel Diaz, the newspaper reported. Authorities have not confirmed the victim's identity.

Before Saturday's incident, the most two recent fatal shootings involving Anaheim police were in January, the newspaper said.

The Anaheim police "are not judge, jury and executioner," Theresa Smith, whose son was fatally shot by Anaheim police in 2009, told the newspaper before Sunday's protest. "Nobody is given their due process, and it just seems like everything has gotten out of hand."


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