ac heating in Dallas and Irving TX with TempoAir

ac heating in Dallas and Irving TX with TempoAir
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{Heating and Air Service Tips & Testimonials [below] for Residential Customers of the Dallas, Texas Area}

As members of an employee-owned company, the Tempo Partners have a huge stake in building an organization whose long-term security is assured by providing the highest levels of service to all customers. We take pride in our efforts for the continuous development of Tempo Partners. Our goal is to be the premier provider of residential mechanical services
for North Texas.

Customer Testimonials
“I just used Tempo for the first time, and Ray R came out and I was so very pleased to find you guys! Thank you so much for having intelligent, honest, and professional technicians. It is so wonderful dealing with you guys.”
Karen S., Dallas

“I talked with Belinda on the phone. She was exceptionally nice and helpful. Jose was exceptionally nice, polite, and knowledgeable. I have worked in management positions for over 20 years and these folks are the types of people I would hire. Keep them and keep up the good work.”
- M. Williams, Fort Worth

“The field crews were on time, courteous and I believe, even left the attic cleaner than they found it! I can’t help buy believe that employee-ownership makes the difference in your team members – pride in ownership really does make a difference! I certainly won’t hesitate in referring anyone looking for a reputable HVAC company.”
- Karen, Richardson

“The temperature throughout the house is great. My office is cool for the first time since they re-ducted and added the manual dampers at the unit. In the winter we had them closed and for the summer we open them. The KW usage for the same month last year was considerably lower. The average temp was the same.”
- Gary, Plano

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