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« THE SUPERMEN LOVERS » is a musical project initiated in 1999 by a young
Parisian named Guillaume Atlan.
Born in 1975, Guillaume had the choice between several types of music, but his heart favoured Funk and Disco Music. Indeed, the name he chose for his project was inspired by one of Guillaume’s great influence in his musical taste : the tune « Superman Lover » by Johnny « Guitar » Watson. The others are - out of many - , Giorgio Moroder, Sly and The Family Stone, Herbie Hancock…
Let’s not make trite remarks saying that Guillaume has been found of music since his early age (even if it’s true) and don’t bother with the piano lessons… Anyway, with more than one string to his bow (musically of course) and a bedroom converted into a home studio, young Guillaume created his own Label : « Lafessé Records », in 99.
He then started his project « The Supermen Lovers » with a first E.P. released just before summer 2000 : « Underground Disco E.P. » (« Marathon Man »« Wild Theme », « Cash »), followed by the unexpected success of the single « Starlight » (summer 2000), that brought Guillaume on the top of the charts (2 million copies in the world). He was there ready to prepare his first album « The Player », a vocal disco-club sound, a real commercial will, no shame : EFFICIENT.
Drawing his inspiration from Modorer’s electro-disco, as well as from Parliamentand Funkadelic’s P-funk, Guillaume pushes the conventional borders of electronicmusic towards a ludic and mental universe. Tracks from this album were by then soon remixed by prestigious DJ’s such as Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, The Pound Boys, Aysam, Aloud and Ralph Lawson… Also since then, international Press couldn’t stop heaping praise upon « The Supermen Lovers ».
Between the stage (a two years and a half Tour around Europe and overseas) and his home studio, « The Supermen Lovers » was more than ever in business with a serie of new E.P. in 2001 : « Ultimate Disco E.P » and in 2003 the successfull « Fantasia Disco E.P. » and his track « Rebirth », an infectious loop growing up & up towards dancefloor madness. Comes next the great « Noctus Delectatum Disco E.P. » with its minimal disco that earned the term of Dark Disco; The « Material Disco E.P. », released in 2004 included the single « Under Pressure ».
The evolution of his music pushes Guillaume to release a second album : « Boys In The Wood » (2005), much more access on quality of sounds and productions than the first one. A pure dancefloor clubbing production.
Guillaume has just started a new project with the musicien Gregory Louis : MOTO, and also starts to work on films’ music. Lately he could be heard on the « Poltergay » soundtrack in which he contributed to the fine remix of « Born to Be Alive » (Patrick Hernandez).
It’s also said that he is now working on the third album of « The Supermen Lovers » !!


....Underground Disco E.P.
....Starlight (Single)
....Ultimate Disco E.P.
....Starlight Remix by Derrick Carter
....The Player L.P.
....Hard Stuff (Single)
....Hard Stuff Remix by DJ Sneak
....Diamonds For Her
.....Diamonds For Her Remix by Ralph Lawson
....Noctus Delectatum Disco E.P.
....Material Disco E.P.
....Born To Love You E.P.
....Bus Stop E.P.
....Boys In The Wood L.P


....New Order - "60Miles/ Hour" / Mute
....DJ Kimo & Hafid Fido - "Victoty" / Fire Music
....Silicon Boogie - "The Last Night" / Lafessé Rec
....Master H - "C'est la vie" / Labels/Virgin
....Aloud - "Sex & Sun" / Ministry of Sound
....Dark Love - "Only You" / Lafessé Records
....Silicon Boogie - "Japonese Funk" / Lafessé Rec

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