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Sarah Rogers symbolizes a cultural bridge across the Atlantic Ocean between France and the United States. Born in the south of France from an American father and a French mother, Sarah grew up in the United States and returned to France in her early teens where she studies music at the "Conservatoire de Nice", one of those famous French public music schools, where she developed a unique passion for singing.
Sarah Rogers settled in Paris at the age of 17 to complete her marketing studies while continuing to sing, writing her first lyrics and composing her first melodies and starting recording in studios.
In 2008, Sarah Rogers decided to devote herself completely to music and after several collaborations she finally met Wilson M Storch & Frederic Kinghe Johnson. ( ONE MUSIC GROUP & HOTTRAK ENTERTAINMENT), the producers that enable her to maximize her talent and develop her art at an international level.
Her style is a musical cocktail of pop, rock, soul, Hip hop and R&B. Today, with her concept-album "Rocklife", Sarah wishes to highlight her American roots with a sense of "French Touch".
With urban pop harmonies, "Rocklife" is much more than a music album, it is a lifestyle, an attitude inspired by Sarah Roger's transcultural personality and history.

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