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Mingo delves deep into un-trodden realms at the helm of a powerful array of vintage analogue synthesizers and modern machinery, guiding the listener through the vast labyrinth of the subconscious; the plane where reason tangles with lunacy.

Emerging from the techno scene of the early 1990's, Mingo has explored a variety of musical styles. By the end of the decade, Mingo's sound progressed towards the ambient and space sound made popular at "chill out" parties and after hours events.

Throughout the first decade of the new century, Mingo became completely immersed in the ambient/space sound with the release of several albums resulting in world wide notoriety and radio play on notable ambient shows such as NPR's "Hearts of Space", "Stars End" and others. Mingo also took his live act to several stages, from coffee houses and rock clubs to art museums and planetariums.

In 2009, Mingo's sound took a journey into the outer boundaries of the netherworld starting with the release of "Guide to Invisibility". And with the dawn of a new decade, Mingo transcends even further into this dark sound world with 2010's "Formidonis Tentatio" and "Narcosys".

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